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Stasis Soft
Based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Founding Date:
November 2012

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About Stasis Soft

Stasis Soft is a small indie game studio founded by brothers Eric Patton and Alex LaPlace with their long-time friend, Peter Bell, in 2012. Eric has been working on Aegis and saving up money to pay for art and music since then, and he finally quit his job at the beginning of 2016 to focus solely on developing the game.

Game Story

Thousands of years ago, mankind had its first nightmare. From this, a new world of darkness was born to contain the horrors that man dreams of. These creatures fed upon the innocent for nourishment, almost wiping out humanity in the process. No one knows where they came from, but guardians appeared to keep the nightmares in check. They've taken many forms since they appeared: clay figures, dolls, and even wooden carvings. Today, they take the form of teddy bears.

You are one of these guardians, instinctively protecting your charge. One night, you are overwhelmed by too great a number, and your human is on the brink of death. Will you plunge into the realm of darkness to retrieve what's been stolen?

Game Description

Aegis: Innocence is a 2D Platformer Action RPG with a heavy focus on challenging gameplay, rich combat, and exploration. You play as a teddy bear who fights nightmares to protect your human. When the nightmares drain your human's life energy, you must travel to their world, fighting your way through hordes of enemies to retrieve what was stolen and set things right.


  • Explore over 15 intricately crafted areas
  • Uncover secrets, discover rare weapons, and reveal hidden lore through exploration
  • Time your attacks and find openings to gain control
  • Use a variety of light, heavy, and special attacks in multiple directions to gain an edge
  • Evade and block attacks to withstand deadly strikes
  • Manipulate the environment to destroy and weaken your foes, or use it to sneak in and gain an advantage on them
  • Use multiple weapon types, each with its own skill tree, to fit your needs
  • Construct the perfect character build by selecting skills from three talent trees to fit your own personal playstyle
  • Use of alternate routes inspired by Dark Souls level design
  • See the consequences of your actions with different endings depending on your choices


Aegis: Innocence is in development for Windows PC, Mac, and Linux. Digital and hard copies will be made for the PS4 and PSVita with plans to port to the Xbox One and Wii U.






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Team & Repeating Collaborators

Eric Patton

Lead Developer

Alex LaPlace

Lead Designer & SFX

Peter Bell

Designer & Coder

Ford Bender


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