Donations & Rewards

How Can I Help, and What Do I Get?

We have a few different ways that you can help us with the cost of production for Aegis: Innocence!


If you decide to do monthly donations through our Patreon page, we'll keep track of how much you've given, and you'll get rewards based on the total amount when Aegis is released.

So if you donate $5 a month, you'll have our $1, $10, and $15 reward tiers after 3 months.

If you know what reward tier you want, and you don't want to deal with monthly donations that you have to remember to cancel, you can donate through Paypal. Just remember to include your shipping information if the reward tier includes any physical items and let us know your choice of platform! We'll send out emails to make sure before we fulfill the rewards, so don't worry if you forget to fill it out or your information changes before Aegis is released.

Pick Your Items

Pick whichever rewards you'd like to receive for your donation instead of using our reward tier system! You can also just add on items that you'd like even if you're using our reward tiers through monthly or one-time donations.

So if you give a one-time donation of $25 for the $1-$25 rewards and decide you'd also like a plush teddy, you can donate for that item separately.


Once you reach a reward tier, you'll get everything in that tier and all others below it in price. So if you donate $15, you'll get the $15, $10, and $1 rewards.

Amount Donated

You'll get your name on our 'Thank You' page!

PDF version of the game manual + Early download access to our HD wallpapers as they are made!

Steam Key for a digital copy of the game on PC, Mac, or Linux

Alpha and Beta build access + Your name in the game's credits!

Second Steam Key for an additional digital copy on PC, Mac, or Linux

One physical copy of the game on PS4 or Vita with exclusive cover art! (You can choose an additional Steam Key instead if you don't want a PS4 or Vita copy)

Digital Soundtrack Download

Physical copy of the game manual

Two physical copies of the game on PS4 or Vita (or two more Steam keys)

Exclusive weapon skin + Your name in the game's special Super Backer section of the credits and our website for all the world to see

Hard copy of the soundtrack

A plush version of the main character!

Design your own NPC!

Design an enemy!

Design a weapon (including the special attack)!

Pick Your Own Rewards

Add any items that you'd like as a reward! Clicking the "Add to Cart" button will open a new tab, and it will update each time you click to add a new item. Be sure to give it a few seconds before you click another item. Paypal can be a bit slow to add new items to your cart.

Note: Any donations for specific items will include your name on our website's 'Thank You' page, and any donations over $10 for specific items will include getting your name in the game's credits.

$5 - Digital Soundtrack

$10 - Physical Game Manual

$12 - Hard Copy of the Soundtrack

$12 - Steam Key

$35 - Physical Copy for PS$ or Vita

$100 - Plush Teddy

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