About Us

We're a small independent game studio based out of my house.. I mean Baton Rouge, Louisiana (and also my house). Our focus is on video game development for the PC, Mac, and Linux, but we plan to expand to consoles in the future. We have four full-time team members and work with two artists who help us with anything we can't make in-house, Britt Brady and Joe Has Died Games.

We've also hired a great composer to make our tracks for Aegis, Marc Jungermann! Check out his stuff on his YouTube account and on his website!

Currently, we are working on our first commercial title, Aegis: Innocence, which is a 2D Platformer Action RPG with heavy focus on challenging gameplay, rich combat, and exploration. You play as a teddy bear who fights nightmares to protect your human. When the nightmares drain your human's life energy, you must travel to their world, fighting your way through hordes of enemies to retrieve what was stolen and set things right.

We've given up our jobs to work solely on this company and project to make our dreams come true, and we appreciate all of the encouragement that the community has given us!

Meet the Team

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